Patient Participation Group

What is the aim of the PPG?

  • Providing a platform for patients to contribute constructive insights regarding the practice and specific medical matters, drawing from their expertise and personal experiences.
  • Promoting initiatives for health education within the practice to empower patients.
  • Coordinating the development of self-assist endeavors tailored to the requirements of fellow patients.
  • Serving as a representative body accessible for advocating changes in local healthcare and social services.
  • Expanding the engagement to encompass a broader spectrum of patients from the community (outlined below).

Principally, any individual registered under the care of the Practice is welcome to participate. It’s important to note, however, that the Practice retains the prerogative to decline membership if such an action is deemed beneficial either to the concerned individual or to the overall functioning of the Practice.

At present, we have established a virtual forum for patient representation led by the Practice Manager. If you have a keen interest in contributing to this collective effort, kindly fill out the provided enrollment form below.

To express your intent to become a part of the Patient Engagement Collective, we invite you to complete the form furnished below. Your involvement is greatly valued.

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